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Diwani Group started its first entity in the year 1991 to supply Cut size wood with an innate focus on consistently supreme quality, ethical and transparent business process and of firm commitment to deadlines, this helped company gain adequate attention and precious faith. Since its inception Diwani Group has been steadily growing widening and diversifying. WudGres being born out of this diversification.

Diwani Group of companies

Shri Hanuman saw mill

WoodLord Corp

Sanitary world


Our Journey

The leader's at Diwani Group believe that they are just getting started the rich experiance and the momentum gathered since 1991 will ony fuel and propel their journey to serve wider geographies.


01. -

What started as a small business has grown into a giant leader today. Diwani Group humbly ventured into supplying of wood cut size in 1991 with aspiration to serve unconditionally and grow profoundly in and around the trade

It did not take the Group longer to take the the quantum leap and diversify into wholesale and retail of tiles under the new entity sanitary world


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While focusing and delivering on the assignments in hand started importing Sanitary Wares, Enclosures and Steel Sinks

Set up a new branch of Sanitary World to expand the customer base


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05. -

2012 was game changing for Diwani Group. Second firm of same name of Shri Hanuman saw mill which will launch them at the forefront of organized interior solution industry with the launch of WudGres. This is also the year when the Group stretched itself substantially and set up a massive plant with the most modern machinery in Chikkabanavara Bangalore

By the year 2016 company introduced the concept of WudGres Exclusive and WudGres Studio, with this the brand WudGres which had unknown presence was visible at all major showrooms across South India.


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07. -

In 2018 the new brand WudnBerg was introduced under group company Shri Hanuman saw mill


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In the month of March 15th, 4,00,000th door was made since the inception creating a new milestone.

About WudGres

WUDGRES re-defines and re-invents Doors, Plywood, Block Board and other Timber Product solution landscape in India WUDGRES range of products being the strongest, finest and healthiest which are committed to be thoroughly re silent, cost effective and consistent to serve the requirements in the Market Place and fulfil the needs of Interior Building Solution Combined with the latest technology from Europe,Taiwan, India and also the cutting edge product engineering blended with advanced chemical composition give an undisputed edge, Being the first mover with new technology WUDGRES has first mover advantage to offer high definition techno packed Ply Board Door solution. WudGres strives hard to find the right balance between Ecological Harmony and Sustained Growth and is sincerely sensitive towards its contribution to Mother Earth.

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Why Choose WUDGRES

There's a reason why a Welcome Mat is placed at the foot of door. A door is the warm greeting as you enter the home. Conversely it is the welcoming promise of the world beyond as you leave those walls behind.The closing of a door can bring comfort and security. The opening lead to possibilities and wonder.

High Quality Bonding

WudGres Doors is manufactured with high density hardwood Banyan Wood inside. Two layers of medium density Poplar species at top/bottom of the panel along with Makai face veneer is laminated giving the panel a unparallel strength and stability. A high quality Phenol formaldehyde resin is used in manufacturing WudGres BWR Door & BWP Plywood leading to excellent water proof qualities.

Preservative Treatment ,Borer and Termite Resistant, Lab Tested

Glue line Protection and Preservative Treatment make WudGres Doors and Plywood Borers & Termite Resistant. Inhouse Quality checks like Hammer check after hot press to ensure the accurate intensity, effectiveness and press-ability. Thickness Check to ensure no disparity in Chunkiness Lab Tested from time to time to provide defect free and healthy Products every time

Seasoned Wood & All Weather Resitant

The Seasoning of Wood as per the International Standards and use of Modern Technology in Manufacturing Process makes the WudGres Decorative Doors, Plywood,Block Board, Resistant to all Weather Conditions.

Nature Loving

Being made from timber it decomposes easily when buried without damaging Mother Earth.

Why WudGres.

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